The Nomad Hostel

An Unforgettable Experiance

The place for nomads, travelers and any lover of people and nature.

The nomad hostel is located just at the beginning of the Golan trail, at the foot of Mount Hermon, at a height of 1115 meters. The hostel is located at Nimrod, a small and quiet mountain village where just five families live.
The hostel is built as a true mountain hut, and is an integral part of the wild and beautiful natural environment around it. It offers a great panoramic view of the lake Birkat Ram, and the beautiful Yaafori valley.

The visit to the hut itself offers an experience of an authentic stay in front of the expense of the Golan Heights, in the great communal living room with sitting pillows, armchairs, a fire place and a library full of books in both English and Hebrew.
The magical and inspiring atmosphere is excellent for travelers who travel either alone or in a group, workshops, and visitors of any type who are young in spirit.
The area is full of hiking trails, natural springs, forests, wineries, and streams.
The place is stuffed by friendly, young and nature loving people who love art.



Our Sleeping Accommodations

We offer two dormitories with wooden bank beds, and a couple's room with a great view to Birkat Ram.

Each guest gets a clean towel and fresh linen.
Guests have access to a fully equipped kitchen with a coffee machine, a fridge and dining tables.


We are located among some of the best hiking trails in Israel, amazing attractions, beautiful scenery, and historical sites.

נהלי המקום

  1. אין אפשרות להכניס בעלי חיים למתחם.
  2. מהשעה 21:30 המטבח נסגר ואין אפשרות להשתמש בו.
  3. מהשעה 22:30 הסלון נסגר ואין אפשרות לשבת בו.
  4. צ'ק אין מהשעה 14:00-21:00 ולא תינתן אפשרות להגיע יותר מאוחר.
  5. צ'ק אאוט עד השעה 11:00 גם בשבת

מדיניות ביטולים:

ניתן לבטל עד שבוע לפני מועד ההזמנה ללא תשלום, לאחר מכן התשלום הוא מלא

במידה וקראתם ואישרתם את הנהלים לחצו למטה